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Nicholas Salzano Shares Digital Marketing through Transformation is the Need of the Hour

Digital media and marketing evolving around it have penetrated the business climate, activating meaningful developments in our industry. 

To compete, companies must upgrade their marketing services and form a comprehensive digital marketing approach where the buyer is at the core of all the company decisions. 

This needs the unification of buying channels and technology to build a personalised experience for all buyers.

Basic Steps While Adopting Transformation through Marketing Activities

  • Personalisation: Data interpretation enables organisations to understand more salutary buyer’s habits and behaviour. A transparent digital marketing approach aids to provide personalised experiences, which give extra importance to the buyers and increase loyalty, engagement, and conversion.
  • Buyer Engagement: The increase of smartphones has transformed the way companies are connecting with buyers. It has become significant and obvious to give suitable content that keeps the buyers involved with the brand. This produces a bond between the buyer and the brand, which is necessary, especially when forming a long-term association, ultimately winning loyal buyers.
  • Data Analysis: It empowers businesses to discover more about their buyers, succeeding in providing the accurate message at the right moment during the buyer journey.
  • Online Communication: Likes, comments, reviews, and testimonials have revolutionised how customer support teams can interact and meet customer needs. With such platforms, companies can examine the influence and the opinion of customers.

Digital transformation: Disrupt marketing approach in the front of an ambiguous tomorrow

The correct marketing approach provides businesses with the means to drive their digital transformation, prioritise modernisation possibilities, and adopt technology that can justify the future. 

While the future is more enigmatic and too difficult to predict, there is a rising possibility for creative and bold marketing experts to define the tomorrow by their skills and abilities.

Overall, marketing is all about a blend of rising human needs, vision, qualitative penetrations, which lead to structured imagination and methods to put a company in a driver seat.

What we need is to create a robust foundation for marketing strategies and performance in whatever business or industry models we follow.

Meddling or breaking how different marketing operations/processes 

can develop or sustain a competitive edge a company really wants.

Marketers are individuals who can adequately familiarise or notify the target customer experience. They are the ones who have to set up a perfect combination of relevancy with experience, investment with go-to-market, marketing of a fixed price product with indefinite service. They need to take ownership of every single aspect and deliver the required outcomes.


This article has given a summary of the critical areas of digital transformation from a marketing viewpoint and what is the need of the hour when it comes to selling.

I hope I have provided you with helpful insights and motivated you to take on the challenge of marketing through digital transformation. In the end, I just want to say- “Always feed the marketer inside you with the correct information and unleash that beast to transform your or your client’s business.”

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